I have a VDAB voucher? How do I start?

What are you looking for? What do you want? What are your talents?
We want to get started with your talent.
Let our experts near your guide you.

We have an accreditation and considerable expertise in the guidance of:

  • Job-seekers

    We help you look for a permanent job. 
    Don't know what kind of job you're looking for? No problem, together we'll think about the best job for you. Do you know what you want to do? Great! We'll help you look. Your Dutch is not good enough yet? No problem! We can help you with this too. We have experience in language coaching and Dutch lessons.

  • Young people

    Little work experience? No diploma? Your coach can help you find work and improve your Dutch.

  • Higher eduacted people

    We have many years of experience in the guidance of higher-educated profiles. We also have a large network of companies and focus on job hunting. This is how we're able to find the perfect match between your ambitions and a suitable company. 

  • 55+

    Do you find looking for work hard and are you over 50? We have a lot of experience with the over 50 age group. Your coach can help you look for work and improve your Dutch at the same time.

We want to help you.

How do we go about this?

  1. Icon handshake
    Introduction or extra info by phone

    You tell us what you need to find a new job. We tell you how we can help you.

  2. Icon envelope
    Interview with VDAB

    Are you choosing us to help you? Great! You have to inform the VDAB at your next appointment.

  3. Icon comment
    First interview

    We'll talk about what you like to do and what you're good at. Together, we find out what you need in a new job.

  4. Icon strategy
    Action plan tailored to your needs

    We work out a good plan together with actions, workshops and training.
    We do this to help you find work more quickly and easily. Do you have any questions? Let us know!

  5. Icon comment dots
    Interview with your coach

    Your coach supports you in the search for a good job.
    Where? At an office near you and/or digitally.

  6. Icon magnifying glass
    Looking for a good job together

    You receive proper individual and group guidance. How? Both digitally and/or at an office. Found a job? We stay in touch.

What do you get in return?


Strong team

A team of enthusiastic coaches with wide-ranging expertise helps you find a suitable job. 

Guidance near your

We have offices all over Flanders. Also near you. 

Digital and custom-made

Digital individual and group sessions.

Interesting workshops and webinars

⦁    Digital or at the office 
⦁    Various themes: CV, letter of motivation, social media, presenting yourself, etc. 

You don't have a computer ? No problem. You can use a computer at the office.

Job events and network

Take part in our job events and use our extensive network. 

Locations near you

Our 68 locations are spread across Flanders and Brussels

Locations near you

Our 68 locations are spread across Flanders and Brussels

Get to know our coaches

Our enthusiastic team is ready to guide you!

Both digitally and on site. Big choice of CV layouts, letter of motivation, presenting yourself, use of social media, talents, etc. If you're not so familiar with digital tools, we provide a computer on site or telephone support.


Some questions and answers

How long does a coaching pathway take?

A coaching pathway at Skill BuilderS takes at least six months. If you find work sooner we’ll still be available for questions and support without obligation. If you speak a different language, the pathway is extended to 12 months.

What is the difference between an introductory interview and an intake interview?

During an introductory interview or explanation on the telephone we ask you specific questions, such as What kind of job are you looking for? What do you want? What obstacles do you face?

An intake interview is carried out at the start of the coaching. We take the time to discover your interests and talents and map your career expectations.

What if I don't get on with my coach?

During the introductory interview (without obligation) we discuss any career questions. Together we look for the desired location, time and coach who can provide the best help. 

Can I also talk to you outside business hours?

  • You can call us at 0800 64 009 – we'll gladly help you between 8 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.
  • Or send an email to voucher@skillbuilders.be – we’ll answer within 24 hours
  • Or surf to www.begeleidingnaarwerk.be and make an appointment via the appointment tool or leave your question in the chat.

Where will I be coached?

Always close to your home. Our 68 locations are spread across Flanders and Brussels. All our locations can be found on our site. There's sure to be one near you. You can count on successful coaching, digitally and on-site at the location of your choice. 

Who went before you?

I am divorced and take care of my children. It is important that I find a good job. Looking for work is not easy. I chose Skill BuilderS to help me. My coach helped me with a good job and self-confidence. Now I can work and take good care of my children. I have many friends at work and my Dutch is now also better because I can practice every day. I like that!

Irma, 39 years old

Together with my coach from Skill BuilderS I found a job as a packer. After a short internship I got a permanent contract. I am happy that my coach helped me.

Mo, 55 years old

I have worked as an engineer in Iraq for 5 years. Looking for work in Belgium was difficult. My coach gave me tips and information about looking for work in Belgium. I have been working as a civil engineer for a construction company for a month now.

Shihab, 29 years old

Start a new chapter in your life!

Call us or send us a message for more information.

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Who is Skill BuilderS?

Skill BuilderS, the name says it all: we build skills. For more than 35 years already. We support, guide and coach job-seekers in their search for a suitable job.

Together with the VDAB our team has provided many opportunities to job-seekers on the labour market for many years already. Discover our other services on www.skillbuilders.be.

Every talent counts!

Everyone is the same at Skill BuilderS. Age, level, background, training, mother tongue, culture, gender,... make no difference!

We help everyone find a job that makes them happy!

Do you have a question? Contact Dries or Younes!