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May I guide you to your next professional challenge? I am ready to work with you on your route to a sustainable job. We’ll set short- and long-term objectives to achieve your goal. You can expect a positive mindset and an enthusiastic approach. Nevertheless, I will give you my honest view in order to create a productive partnership. I give you my full commitment, but expect the same from you in return.


Looking for work as a newcomer in Belgium remains a challenge, we do this tailor-made, according to your talents, interests and needs. I am happy to support you in all phases of this process. How: by sharing my knowledge of the Belgian labor market and my experience in job coaching of highly educated non-native speakers with you. My extensive network and contacts with companies will help us to look for a suitable job together through the various channels.


Are you looking for the job of your dreams? I'm going to work with you to achieve this. How? Thanks to my enthusiasm, my empathy and my passion to help you, of course! Thanks to a tailor-made trajectory, we will look for your possibilities and talents together. Ready to work? Let's go !


I'm happy to help you ifid a suitable job. How? By giving you insight into the Belgian labour market, teaching you the appropriate skills, expanding your network and giving you tips and advice on how to present yourself. My extensive experience in diverse sectors certainly comes in handy here. But first and foremost I want to get to know you better, discover what your talents are in order to determine your trajectory together. I'm looking forward to it already 😊


Having you believe in yourself, exploring your talents and motivating you is what motivates us!
Self-confidence and positive motivation are crucial aspects in the application process and the search for new career opportunities. Together we will design your action plan. You will gain insights into the current job market and you will receive useful tips to be optimally prepared for your job interviews.
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Who is Skill BuilderS?

Skill BuilderS, the name says it all: we build skills. For more than 35 years already. We support, guide and coach job-seekers in their search for a suitable job.

Together with the VDAB our team has provided many opportunities to job-seekers on the labour market for many years already. Discover our other services on

Every talent counts!

Everyone is the same at Skill BuilderS. Age, level, background, training, mother tongue, culture, gender,... make no difference!

We help everyone find a job that makes them happy!

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