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For whom

IBB (Intensif counseling & mediation)

  • How do I apply for a job?
  • How can I find a suitable job?
  • I'm looking for a new job but don't really know what job would suit me.
  • I want a healthy work/life balance.
  • I want more self-confidence to apply.
  • What training should I follow to head in a new direction?
  • I am 55+ and looking for a job that suits me and my situation. 

ZIBB (very intensive counseling & mediation)

  • I have a diploma but speak little Dutch.
  • I don't know how to apply for a job in Belgium.
  • I quit school and am looking for work.
  • I don't have a diploma and am looking for work.
  • Where can I find work where I can speak English?
  • How do I apply online?

Every year we help 8,000 job-seekers find a new job!

Who went before you?

The coaching you get at Skill BuilderS is more than coaching to work. It is also an inner coaching to who you are and what your abilities and knowledge are. You are welcomed with open arms and the coaches support you in all areas.

Cindy, 55 years old

Together with my coach from Skill BuilderS I found a job as a packer. After a short internship I got a permanent contract. I am happy that my coach helped me.

Mo, 55 years old

I am divorced and take care of my children. It is important that I find a good job. Looking for work is not easy. I chose Skill BuilderS to help me. My coach helped me with a good job and self-confidence. Now I can work and take good care of my children. I have many friends at work and my Dutch is now also better because I can practice every day. I like that!

Irma, 39 years old

Despite my bachelor’s degree, I did not find work right away and that frustrated me enormously. When I look back on my guidance, I mainly remember that I learned not to give up hope if you do not find work immediately. My coach kept encouraging me to look for work, even in other sectors.

Peter, 30 years old

I have worked as an engineer in Iraq for 5 years. Looking for work in Belgium was difficult. My coach gave me tips and information about looking for work in Belgium. I have been working as a civil engineer for a construction company for a month now.

Shihab, 29 years old

From the first moment there was a good contact with my coach Ellen. Ellen understood my situation and did not put any pressure on me. She showed interest in my ambitions, past and experiences. Together we went looking for my future. Ellen kept in touch via messages and email. Something I feel more comfortable with as a young person than a zoom meeting or physical appointments. During the coaching I discovered that it is OK to not know what to do with yourself for a while. Ellen taught me to work with what is present in myself to achieve my goal. I am now working at Agfa Gevaert as a Process Operator. And … I am super satisfied!

Yannick, 21 years old

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Who is Skill BuilderS?

Skill BuilderS, the name says it all: we build skills. For more than 35 years already. We support, guide and coach job-seekers in their search for a suitable job.

Together with the VDAB our team has provided many opportunities to job-seekers on the labour market for many years already. Discover our other services on www.skillbuilders.be.

Every talent counts!

Everyone is the same at Skill BuilderS. Age, level, background, training, mother tongue, culture, gender,... make no difference!

We help everyone find a job that makes them happy!

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